bild mot mullfjället

Has reached over 100,000 views and 3,000 share of the demo video if you count together Facebook and Youtube pages. (not on par with a cute cat movie but really fun anyway)

New gear hub mounted

New 14 gear hub for better hill climbing. Even rode up to the top station of the chairlift in Tegefjäll, but it was nothing to recommend, too steep 🙂

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First ride to work

cykelbil förstadagen till jobbet Took the bike car to work for the first day last week. Have thirty kilometers single path to work now when I work in Vapland. So I‘ve been a little worried that it would be too hard. But it worked very well electric drive makes so much difference that it was not a hassle. Certainly it is in the longer range, took over an hour and I was pretty sweaty when I arrived. But it worked and was real fun. Charged the batteries in the office and rode home too. Sixty kilometers in one day without soreness I think is approved.