Economy and environment

What a bicycle car costs to buy and run?

The bicycle cars I have found  is between 6000-12000€ (three -wheeled with fiberglass bodys). These are fine buils with exclusiv materials and manufactured in small series which led to high prices. Unfortunately, I think my bike car would be almost as expensive. But if you would make a large serie of bicycle car, I think it would cost between 2000-3500€ to customers.Cykelbil snettbak Driving bicycle cars becomes very cheap if you only count the electricity: about 0,4€ / 100km. But unfortunately it is battery wear which is the major cost of today’s battery vehicles. The best batteries available today are lithium-ion batteries, they are claimed to last for between 500-1000 charge cycles. Counting up the battery wear and electricity will be a cost of about 2,5€ /100km. Still this is considerably cheaper than a moped, as with petrol and insurance comes to some 10-20€ /100km.

Much more important than the actual price savings is the environmental gains. If we look at the emission of the most high-profile pollution (greenhouse gas), carbon dioxide (CO2)
it looks as follows:

  • average passenger car emit about 1890 g CO2 / 10km.
  • A Toyota Prius hybrid (best passenger car) 1040g CO2 / 10km.
  • A Scooter with four-stroke engine 0,22l / 10km  gives 528g CO2 / 10km
  • Bicycle car does not emit anything at all when you run it, but indirectly when charging the battery with electric power.    Loaded with European electricity made ​​with plenty of coal and oil the emissions is still only about 68g CO2 / 10km. Loaded with Nordic electricity with more water power the emissions becomes about 20g CO2 / 10km.

This makes the bicycle car 94 times as frendly as the passenger car, 54 times as frendly as the hybrid car and 26 times as frendly as the moped. And would this not be enough, you can buy green electricity from wind and hydro power that has almost zero CO2 emissions. (It costs a bit more but a few percent extra of 0,4 / 100km is nothing to argue about.)blåbloma