Future Podride


Thoughts on future transport systems

When I worked with and thought about how the bike car to work, I have come upon a possible future traffic system. It builds on the bike cars or other vehicles of the same size. It could work something like this: You take her cykelbil bikes and five kilometers down to the bus station in the community. There is still warm and dry despite the drizzle and biting wind, and waiting a few minutes on the bus. The tours have become both more frequent and faster now that the bus does not need to run around in every neighborhood to pick up and drop off passengers. Then drive the car on board bike on the bus, hooks fixed in a bracket in the floor and then left sitting in his vehicle during the trip. When you arrive in a few mil with bus stops at the bus station and cycling then proceed a few miles to work, school, barber or where to now be. When you arrive have been easy to park and is still warm and dry.

Purpose and final words

The project aims to develop and promote cycling as an environmentally friendly car, effective and inexpensive means of transportation. I will of course work to try to commercialize my bike car. But I as an individual designer and inventor  does not have sufficient resources needed to start making and selling a complex product like this. It is probably not possible to patent the concept itself when it rather is an diffrent/improved version of existing cycle cars.This does not mean that you can not take a lot of patents on individual solutions, or that there would not be a good business for someone with huge resources. My purpose was originally only to build a simpler cykelbil for myself. But when I realized how practical and environmentally friendly it would be. I decided to try to get someone to mass produce it. That said, it is way too large a project for one person, but someone has to start. I’ve started in my butt as a designer and developed a basic design and a first prototype to test and present the project. Now I am looking all who think it seems like a good project and want to help.

Does this sound like a fun project to help with or do you have any suggestions?

Feel free to contact me:
Mikael Kjellman Skansstigen 7F, 832 51 Frösön, mikael_k@telia.com , Tel.+4670-532 22 01