Camera stabilizer

Still have an old website for the stabilizer:


It all started in the 90s when I wanted to film snowboarding with the family video camera. It proved difficult to hold the camera in a good way with the thick winter gloves.

So I then built a holder with a handle for the camera. Then when I was testing the holder, I came up with the idea of attaching an old ski pole to the holder to be able to keep the camera close to the ground.

It then turned out that the image became much steadier and with that I started experimenting with different camera stabilizers. At first just in my own interest to get better pictures. As the years went by and the stabilizer got better and better, I started to realize that it could become a commercial product

Got a patent for it in Sweden and applied in the USA but it didn’t work there. Developed a pro version of the stand in carbon fiber and aluminum and produced a small sample run.

TwoPod C1, Folded up

It received a very positive reception from the test group and some Swedish dealers were interested in starting to sell it. But it turned out that the price of the trial series was far too good, and when we were going to manufacture it in a slightly larger series, the price was many times higher. This led to us not even being able to deliver the ones we had ordered.

Have looked at different solutions, but in order to keep the function and reduce the price, you need to manufacture it in a large series. Tried to get one of the big tripod manufacturers to invest in the idea, including Manfrotto, which supplied the carbon fiber legs for the test series. Today, the development of action cameras and other stabilizers has largely filled the niche. No plans at the moment but it would be interesting to look at a stabilizer for today’s small cameras.