Amphibious Iceboat


Working on developing a more versatile and safe iceboat for taking longer trips without worrying about weak ice.
Have built quite a long line of iceboats of various designs and over the years have come to a number of important functions and features that I would like to have in one iceboat. Have tried many of the ideas separately on my different builds but have not tried to combine them in a concept before. Have tried putting skis on the runners so that you can sail on snow and soft ice. Have built an iceboat that I could sail both on ice and open water. Have tried having a really thick foam seat to take the shocks and vibrations that the suspension doesn’t take. Have built a rigging system that balances the sail so that hauling becomes very easy and fast.

The new iceboat that I am designing now is based on a central hull with room for two people and plenty of buoyancy. A plank with pontoons at the ends so it will be stable and not overturn when driving in water. The pontoons is suspended in a joint and can swing and therefore also functions as the attachment for runners, skis and hydro foils. A steering runner at the front of the hull with the same type of jointed pontoon solution as the sides. The rig becomes a neutrally suspended symmetrical wing profile with a variable surface.

This is not a high priority project at the moment but I work on it occasionally and hope to find a few more who wanted to help with the project eventually.